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My name is Denise Johnson

I'm a creative producer with a knack for bringing big ideas to life, I've had the pleasure of producing high-performing content for some of the UK's leading brands, blending planning skills with creative flair to deliver exceptional results for happy clients.

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About Me.

Seasoned Senior Producer with extensive experience in stills and video production across diverse sectors, including Health & Wellness, Beauty, Interiors, Fashion, and Food & Beverage. Adept at managing complex creative projects from concept through execution, with a keen eye for detail and efficiency. Leverages a background in Art Direction and Graphic Design to enhance creative briefs and maximise budget effectiveness. Known for exceptional organisational skills, team leadership, and a passion for delivering innovative and high-quality visual content.


2021 - current

Senior Producer 

​Rig2 Ltd

2020 - 2021

Production Lead

THG Studios

2019 - 2020

Senior Producer

THG Studios

2017 - 2019


THG Studios

2015 - 2017

Senior Art Editor & Shoot Producer

Practical Publishing

2013 - 2015

Art Editor

Practical Publishing

2008 - 2013

Graphic Designer

PCSA Publishing

2006 - 2008

Packaging Designer

Merlin Packaging

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Extensive experience in project planning and management, including:

  • Strategic Management: Developing detailed project plans and overseeing their execution.

  • Accurate Forecasting: Predicting project requirements effectively.

  • Budget Oversight: Accurate quoting, cost control, and budget management.



Proficient in all aspects of production and shoot management:

  • Full Coordination: Managing casting, crewing, and scouting locations.

  • Versatile Production Skills: Handling stills and video production, both in studio and on location.

  • Animation Production: Skilled in 2D and 3D production processes and pipelines.




Background in Art Direction and Graphic Design with skills in:

  • Set Design & Styling: Managing the creation of set-build and styling.

  • On-Set Art Direction: Executing creative visions during shoots.

  • Brief development: Strong ability to understand and deliver on creative briefs.

Experienced in leading and managing direct reports to up C-Suite:

  • Leadership & Mentorship: Guiding producers of various experience levels.

  • Team Building: Effective at building and managing teams.

  • Operational Efficiency: Enhancing processes and operational efficiencies.

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